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A blog about Mass. Ave.

Excavating by Lake St. in sun and shade, April 28, 2015.

This blog is a direct consequence of the Mass. Ave. Project in East Arlington (2008 – 2016) and its many odd characters and controversies.

What was once reported as news on this blog is, today, a chapter of recent history:


Today I write less often, and about other things.

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What’s in store for 2014

I claim no psychic powers, but barring surprises the backhoes will roll this spring on Mass. Ave.

Bidding for the project formally opens the 22nd of this month. Bids are scheduled to be awarded on the 25 of February, based on a construction start (“notice to proceed” date) of April 1.

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To my readers

WordPress, which hosts this blog, has started notifying me that you may occasionally see advertisements here, at the end of some blog posts.

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Design report, partially digested

Mass. Ave FDR

I’ve set up a page of links to posts about the Functional Design Report, the hefty technical document that (with the drawings) would describe and define how Mass. Ave. will be rebuilt–if approved.

You can reach the page via the “Design report” tab at the top of the page. There’s not much there right now, but I hope to add more posts over time.

The new page is an index. You can also see a page of all my posts about what is in the report, in classic blog backwards order, here.

Despite this effort, I do not think that you are any less able to understand the Functional Design Report than I, and encourage you to read it for yourself. It’s available at the Town’s web page for the project.

Mass. Ave. on Facebook

The East Arlington Livable Streets coalition, a community group concerned generally with traffic, safety, and related quality-of-life issues, has a Facebook page. (Content not exclusively about Mass. Ave.)

I’ve added a link to the Links page, also one for Walking in Arlington, another community group.

Where the news is

I started this web site in late spring, when I became one of ten community representatives to the town’s Mass. Ave. Review Committee. My idea (I thought) was to use this medium to report to the community about what I was learning and what the committee was up to.

The committee, however, has not met since late June, when it made its recommendation to the Board of Selectmen for what are called 25-percent plans for Mass. Ave. The Selectmen voted in August to submit these plans to the state, the next step in this planning process.

The state hearings will probably be held in Arlington this winter, and the committee may not meet at all before then. There will be more work to do once the state has acted.

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