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New Mass. Ave. trees may be work’s end

Check out the ring of fresh dark dirt around this tree on Mass. Ave.:

A newkt okabted A newly planted tree on Mass. Ave. on mass. Ave.

One of the new trees catches the chilly December 10 sun.

That dirt shows that the tree is one of many replacements planted last week by J.H. Lynch, the contractor for the Mass. Ave. Project. The trees replace those that were not planted properly or had not done well on their own in the drought.
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‘Bricked’ flush median soaks up width

Last week, contractors put the finishing touches on the flat, traversable median on Mass. Ave. in the business district in East Arlington.

Northwest from the Marathon St. crosswalk

Northwest from the Marathon St. crosswalk

The median now sports a fake-brick treatment that is surprisingly convincing.
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Mixed message

This new trash receptacle says “recycle,” but has a plastic liner (and is filled with regular trash).

Recycle? Or not? New trash cans on Mass. Ave.

Recycle? Or not? New trash can at Mass. Ave. and Trowbridge St.

I’ve seen this on at least some of the other new trash cans that have been installed recently as part of the Mass. Ave. project in East Arlington.

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Steampunk walk lights


The finials on the brackets and the design of the post reflect the same Victorian aesthetic of the new street lamps on Mass. Ave.

New pedestrian signals being installed as part of the Mass. Ave. project in East Arlington are architecturally similar to the Victorian-style pedestrian-scale lighting in the business district.

Those lights might almost be actual gas lamps, if one ignores the electric light source and the inaccurate configuration of ladder bars.

There is something intriguing, however, about seeing the same ornate wrought-iron motifs in an electric walk signal, as though a monorail were tricked out to resemble a steam locomotive. Think of it as the steampunk look.

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“Pedestrian-scale lighting”

New lights in the business district are designed to illuminate the sidewalks, not the streets.

New electric lights in the business district resemble old-fashioned gas lamps. Note modern street light at upper right.

In case you were wondering, “pedestrian-scale lighting” does not mean Leprechaun-sized fixtures that fire off light rays at eye level.

Rather, it’s these old-style street lamps, about half to two-thirds the height of the (roughly) 35-foot-tall modern-style street lights that illuminate Mass. Ave.

The pedestrian-scale stuff casts its rays on the sidewalks.

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On schedule despite change orders

Despite last-minute design changes backed by the Town of Arlington, Mass. Ave. reconstruction “remains generally on time, ” according to the project liaison, Nathaniel Cabral-Curtis.

Granite-edged planter in front of Giles Liquors is not among those changed recently. The flamingos are a nice touch.

A granite-edged planter in front of Giles Liquors is not among those changed this month. The flamingos are a nice touch.

The changes involve the design of the Varnum Street crosswalk and the planters in the business district. In both cases, the Town asked for modifications in response to requests from the community.

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