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Close Mass Ave vote means project likely to go forward

“Yes” votes for Arlington’s oddly-worded advisory question on Mass. Ave. edged out “no” by 4,334-4,097, according to unofficial results from the Town.

The same electorate also returned Kevin Greeley, running on a pro–Mass. Ave. platform, to the Board of Selectmen over Mass. Ave. opponent Maria Romano by a more-decisive 4,626–3,355.

The narrow 51–49% referendum result probably clears the project to move forward in the coming months.

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Selectmen’s support of Mass. Ave. includes Mahon

A pre-election mailing urging a No vote on Question 1 is signed by all 5 members of Arlington’s Board of Selectmen, including Diane Mahon.

This flier from the Better Mass. Ave. Committee arrived in today's mail

This flier from the Better Mass. Ave. Committee arrived in today’s mail

Mahon cast the sole votes against the 3-lane design in 2009 and 2011 but has been on board with the project for at least a year.

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Conspiracy Unmasked

Disgruntled critics of the Mass. Ave. project stoop, sometimes, to dark mutterings. They say that corruption, collusion, and conspiracy have foisted special-interest street design upon a hapless Arlington.

Greedy, sneaky man with suitcase full of money

Paul Hajj illustration

To be sure, transportation planning, like other disciplines, has developed an entrenched consensus about many things, based on law, habit, and experience.

However, corruption involves a betrayal of trust or responsibility, usually in return for money.

Other than vague handwaving about secret meetings, opponents have never bothered to show any such thing.

This despite having shopped their accusations to law enforcement in several venues.

I however have found the smoking gun. I can identify the date and place of the 1996 meeting that made a significant decision about bicycles.

And, I can name names, or at least one of them.

Follow the money with me to see the extent to which the conspiracy theories are true—and are not.
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All the views that’s fit to print: Mass. Ave., Question 1, Arlington Advocate

The Arlington Advocate yesterday posted online Senator Ken Donnelly’s big red flag about Question 1, the anti–Mass. Ave. referendum. It also posted five other recent Advocate commentaries.

Senator Donnelly warns "we will lose this project" to other communities if we do not act this year.

Senator Donnelly makes a similar warning at the Feb. 26 Mass. Ave. hearing at Town Hall

Senator Donnelly warns, among other things,

If we do not move forward now, the town would once again have to apply to place the project on the state project list, which is a process that takes years…. If we do not meet the September deadline, it is most likely that we will lose the 100-percent funding—$6.8 million—that has been allotted to fix Mass. Avenue in East Arlington.

Read Donnelly’s “It may be Now for Mass Ave Corridor Project in Arlington, or Never.”

Foes of the Mass. Ave. project do not address the funding issue at all, but would like you to vote for Question 1 to stop the project from going forward.

Other Mass. Ave. and referendum commentary is as follows:

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Oddly worded Mass. Ave question qualifies for April 6 Ballot

A nonbinding referendum promoted by foes of the Town’s plan to rebuild Mass. Ave. in East Arlington has enough signatures to qualify for the April 6 ballot, according to Town Clerk Stephanie Lucarelli.

However, the measure is vague and contradictory and has no legal force. The Town finalized the three-lane design choice in 2009, and construction on the roadway is scheduled to begin this year.

The advisory question is as follows:

Shall the Town have four vehicular travel lanes on Massachusetts Avenue in East Arlington as currently practiced?

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