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Center parking is topic of meeting, survey, study

Arlington Center parking will be the subject of a public meeting in Town Hall on January 9.

The forum, in the Town Hall Auditorium 5-8 pm, is part of an effort by the Town to assess possible improvements to parking. Continue reading

New parking in Arlington center?

Nine possible parking spots. Click for target view. Source: Town of Arlington

Nine possible parking spots. Click for larger view. Source: Town of Arlington

At a state hearing on November 6, the Town announced it was studying 9 possible new parking spaces in Arlington Center.

The above map showing the locations of the candidates was part of the presentation from Town Manager Adam Chapdelaine and DPW Director Mike Rademacher. I also post photos of the potential spots below the fold.
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Town drops head-in parking on Swan Place, seeks other alternatives

Arlington is “no longer pursuing” a plan to site 7 head-in parking spaces on Swan Place by the entrance to the Minuteman Path and will seek other new parking in the center of town, according to Town Manager Adam Chapdelaine.

This plan, minus the head-inparking on Swan place, was center stage at the hearing.

This plan, minus the head-in parking on Swan place, was center stage at the hearing.

Chapdelaine and Public Works Director Mike Rademacher identified 9 potential new parking spaces scattered across the center, from the First Parish Church to the fire station.

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MassDOT to hear latest plan for Center transit

A revised facelift for Arlington Center that would shift 7 parking slots from Mass. Ave. to Swan Place will be the subject of a design hearing in Arlington by the state’s Department of Transportation on November 6.

The new parking will also require approval from the Arlington Redevelopment Board, according to the Town Manager.

This design was make public at Town Day. Click for a close up. Note new parking at lower right.

This design was make public at Town Day. Click for a close up. Note new parking at lower right. Source: Town of Arlington.

The design would create bike lanes to help cyclists navigate the Town’s central intersection at Mass. Ave. and Route 60, add a new signalized pedestrian crossing on Mass. Ave. by Swan Place, and lengthen the southbound left-turn lane from Medford Street.

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Mass. DOT justifies Mass. Ave. design

The design for the Mass. Ave. project in East Arlington meets state and federal requirements for bicycles and pedestrians and satisfies other other criteria, according to a May 28 letter from Thomas Broderick of the Massachusetts Department of Transportation.

Broderick, the chief engineer of MassDOT’s Highway Division, made his reply to written comments on the plan filed in conjunction with last February’s hearing.

The letter shows a state agency that has fully embraced the Town’s design. Federal review, however, is still pending.

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Mass DOT takes comments

Advocates for and against the rebuilding of Mass. Ave. in East Arlington went into overdrive, and comments from the public went into overtime, at a sometimes-raucous project hearing at Town Hall on April 12.

Some 400 people came to the Department of Transportation hearing on the Town’s proposed design. 79 gave comments, and many more were turned away when the hearing adjourned at 10:40.

Arlington Town Hall on Tuesday night. Not quite to capacity, but very full.

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An incremental revision

The Town has posted a new set of drawings on its Mass. Ave. web page.

I can’t spot anything new, can you? Perhaps some technical detail has been added.

The drawings include an October 14 date and the words “Draft for discussion” are gone.

Older iterations are still available on the Town’s archive page.

Safer pedestrian crossings

In an apparent response to public comments, the latest (August 2010) plan for Mass. Ave. would make four unsignalized pedestrian crossings safer.

One item in the pedestrian-safety bag of tricks is extending the curb into the parking lane at pedestrian crossings. These bump-outs have the following benefits:

Proposed bump-outs

  • The crossing distance is shorter curb to curb
  • Pedestrians stand on a raised surface that is nearly even with the traffic-side edge of parked cars, where they are more visible to drivers
  • It’s really clear that a pedestrian standing on a bump-out is crossing the street, not just hanging out
  • Traffic responds by slowing down at crossings
  • Cars are physically prevented from blocking the cross walk (unless they double park at one) by parking illegally there.

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Selectmen approve 25% plans, 4-1

With the approval of Arlington’s police and fire chiefs, the Board of Selectmen last night voted to send so-called 25% plans for Mass. Ave to the state for review.

Arlington residents listen to the discussion of the 25% plan on Monday night.

Arlington residents listen to the discussion of the 25% plan on Monday night.

The vote was the next step in a process that could net $4.5 million in state and federal funds for Arlington. Construction could begin as early as Spring 2012.

About 90 people attended the meeting in the Town Hall Auditorium.

The plans are not final, but describe such contentious issues as lane configuration and the location of traffic signals. Continue reading