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Rebuild foes withdraw protest request

The East Arlington Concerned Citizens Committee, founded two years ago to stop the reconstruction of Mass. Ave., last night withdrew its request for a permit for a march along that street on April 9.

Speaking for the group before Arlington’s Board of Selectmen, Eric Berger cited multiple requirements the group was unable to meet because he had only learned of them that day.

Town Manager Brian Sullivan said that other parade events of the scope requested entail many months of planning. “Never was there any mention” of the April 9 date in any of the letters from the group, Sullivan said.

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Anti-rebuild web site has telling design

The East Arlington Concerned Citizens Committee, formed in early 2009 to oppose the reconstruction of Mass. Ave., has hung its first shingle in cyberspace.

The group’s new web site sports an attractive orange-and black design crafted by Creative Infusion.

At the bottom of every page of the site is the following vision for Mass. Ave.:

CCC logo

Notice anything missing?

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Rebuild foes seek permit for protest march

Aux Armes, Citoyens!

Vowing to close down Mass. Ave., opponents of the plan to rebuild that road in East Arlington have asked the Board of Selectmen for a permit to hold a protest march.

Such a permit is only needed for large crowds.

The agenda for the March 28 Selectmen’s meeting includes the following item:

5.    Request:  Permit to March
Eric Berger, East Arlington Concerned Citizens Committee

Berger last month described a plan for an “opposition march down a closed-down Mass. Ave. corridor.” He has also promised “civil disobedience” should Mass Highway approve the Town’s plan over his objections.

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Redesign foes OK with lane widths after all

Since the summer of 2009, opponents of the plan to rebuild Mass. Ave. have criticized the 11-foot travel lanes proposed by the Town as too narrow.

Eleven feet, they say in their leaflet, would be so narrow as to “increase the likelihood of accidents:” a serious charge.

Last week, however, the group’s principal spokesperson, Eric Berger, endorsed 11-foot lanes.

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Criticism kindly meant

Last year opponents of the Mass. Ave. redesign published their own plan for the street. This proposal was later made available online by the Arlington Advocate.

Last week the Advocate ran my short criticism of three aspects of that plan, “Reconsidering Mass. Ave. Criticism.

To cut to the chase:

Some of the critics’ concerns have merit. Some have been incorporated into the Town’s plan. However, I urge opponents to reconsider demands that would, perhaps unwittingly, widen Mass. Ave., snarl traffic, and forgo state and federal funding.

The whole thing is here and the opponents’ 2009 plan is here.

Thanks to the Advocate for making both of these viewpoints available online.