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Mass. Ave. on Facebook

The East Arlington Livable Streets coalition, a community group concerned generally with traffic, safety, and related quality-of-life issues, has a Facebook page. (Content not exclusively about Mass. Ave.)

I’ve added a link to the Links page, also one for Walking in Arlington, another community group.

A history of the redesign project

It is sadly too easy to forget, more than ten years later, that the project of redesigning Mass. Ave. was originally spurred by two pedestrian fatalities in East Arlington in 1996.

Buried on the Town’s Mass. Ave. Corridor web site is this concise history of the project, compiled by the Town’s Transportation Advisory Committee.*

I have added this resource to the links page.

*This committee is different from the Mass. Ave. Redesign Committee that has been overseeing the Mass. Ave. Project.

Also on the web: Some links

I’ve added a links page to this site, at this point mostly just clickable pointers to information on the Town web page about the redesign.

There is one community group involved with this project that I know of that has a web site — the East Arlington Livable Streets Coalition.

I’d like to include links to other community groups, such as the East Arlington Good Neighbor Committee and the East Arlington Concerned Citizens Committee, but I can’t find them online. Please post here or drop me a line to tell me of other groups to add.

I’d like to add other useful links too — your comments welcome.