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Selectmen start 3-year easements clock for Mass. Ave. sidewalks

Anticipating a fall bid date for the Mass. Ave. project, the Board of Selectmen last night voted to execute legal authority for more than 200 easements needed to repair and refurbish the sidewalks on Mass. Ave. in East Arlington.

The easements, all small and nearly all of them temporary, are a kind of restrictive right of way. They will allow construction crews to enter or touch the designated areas, which abut the sidewalks.

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Easements move forward

The Town last month posted at its Mass. Ave. web page the draft plan for hundreds of easements related to the Mass. Ave project.

These easements are all small. All but six are temporary. They are primarily to give contractors rights to enter or touch abutters’ properties during reconstruction of the sidewalks.

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Town Meeting rebuffs Mass. Ave. foes again

Town Meeting last night rejected two resolutions to stop the Mass. Ave. Project that would not actually have stopped the Mass. Ave. Project.

Mass. Ave. opponents rise to vote against sidewalk construction at Town Meeting in 2011.

The first resolution (Article 69) sought to repeal last year’s authorization of easements to rebuild sidewalks in East Arlington.

The second (Article 70) would have asked the Selectmen to put a nonbinding question about the project on the ballot in April of 2013, after construction was already in progress.

Both failed by wide margins.

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Muddled attempt to stop Mass. Ave. fails at Town Meeting

Vowing to stop the Mass. Ave. redesign, opponents failed to block a motion at Town Meeting upon which the fate of the project did not actually depend.

At the Arlington Diner

The motion, which passed by a lopsided vote of 135-32, authorizes the Town to take easements to facilitate the reconstruction of the sidewalks by allowing access to abutters’ land during construction.

Although these easements entail no transfers of land from private owners to the Town, any use of the Town’s eminent-domain powers requires an affirmative 2/3 vote of Town Meeting. Opponents mustered roughly half of the votes they would have needed to defeat the measure.

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