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Quirky Mass. Ave. signs make Boston Globe

Those lemonade-colored signs in the Mass. Ave. construction zone in East Arlington made it into the Boston Globe on August 25.

You can say that again.

You can say that again.

The signs, erected in late June,  are the latest salvo from the irrepressible Capitol Square Business Association.

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On schedule despite change orders

Despite last-minute design changes backed by the Town of Arlington, Mass. Ave. reconstruction “remains generally on time, ” according to the project liaison, Nathaniel Cabral-Curtis.

Granite-edged planter in front of Giles Liquors is not among those changed recently. The flamingos are a nice touch.

A granite-edged planter in front of Giles Liquors is not among those changed this month. The flamingos are a nice touch.

The changes involve the design of the Varnum Street crosswalk and the planters in the business district. In both cases, the Town asked for modifications in response to requests from the community.

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Love among the ruins


Chilldren play in the bouncy houses in front of the Trinity Baptist Church earlier today. Note the temporary asphalt walkway.

This year’s Feast of the East street fair was held today on partially finished sidewalks amidst the detritus of construction.
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Mass. Ave. work to resume March 30

Coming soon—weather permitting

Coming soon—weather permitting

The rebulding of Mass. Ave. will resume this Monday, weather permitting, roughly where it abruptly left off on on December 8, according to Mass Highway.

The news came from a notice posted on the Town’s web site last week.

Sidewalk reconstruction will pick up from Grafton Street, the easternmost point reached last fall, after related survey work and sawcutting of pavement.

In a change of plan, sidewalk work will also begin on the opposite side of the street, starting at Pond Lane. The two sidewalk projects will be “staggered to ensure that only one sidewalk on any given section of Massachusetts Avenue is under construction” at a time.

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Mass. Ave. is at the heart of master plan for development

Arlington’s master plan has high hopes for Mass. Ave., Broadway, and a small stretch of Medford Street.

Zoning map opf Arlington

Follow the magenta road: New growth would be concentrated on existing business districts (pink and magenta). Source: Town of Arlington.

These are the principal areas that would see new development, including mixed use and some taller buildings, under the vision articulated in the plan.

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Mass. Ave. construction hits the business district

With Winter Street in the background at right. J.H. Lynch starts digging in Capitol Square on August 26.

With Winter Street in the background at right, contractor J.H. Lynch digs in at Capitol Square on August 26.

Construction landed across from the Capitol Theater Block last week nearly a month after breaking ground at Wyman Street.

The construction team aims for a small footprint as it works block-by-block on relocating storm drains and other utilities for the project.

So far the impact of road work seems to be manageable—but the worst is yet to come.
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Businesses greet challenge of construction with affirmation

Existential dispair, in the form of Munch's the Scream, meets Jan Whitted of the Capital Square Business Association on Tuesday night.

Existential despair, in the form of Munch’s The Scream, meets Jan Whitted of the Capitol Square Business Association May 27.

About 25 local residents, Mass. Ave. business owners, and town officials met at the Fox Library earlier this evening to discuss how to respond to the challenges of Mass. Ave. construction that is scheduled to start shortly and span 3 years.

The answer: Celebrate it.

Banners, guerrilla art, a treasure hunt, special events, and a constant flow of information will turn the East Arlington into more of a destination than ever, according to Artbeat owner Jan Whitted of the Capitol Square Business Association.

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Mass. Ave. and the dubious pleasures of the “stroad”

Writing at today, Doug Davidoff of East Arlington speculates that Mass. Ave. is a stroad, an awkward street-road hybrid that fulfills none of its purposes well:

Where a futon is a piece of furniture that serves both as an uncomfortable couch and an uncomfortable bed, a stroad moves cars at speeds too slow to get around efficiently but too fast to support productive private sector investment Continue reading

Mass. DOT justifies Mass. Ave. design

The design for the Mass. Ave. project in East Arlington meets state and federal requirements for bicycles and pedestrians and satisfies other other criteria, according to a May 28 letter from Thomas Broderick of the Massachusetts Department of Transportation.

Broderick, the chief engineer of MassDOT’s Highway Division, made his reply to written comments on the plan filed in conjunction with last February’s hearing.

The letter shows a state agency that has fully embraced the Town’s design. Federal review, however, is still pending.

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Construction road map

construction signThe 100% plans filed with MassDOT at the end of April include some hints about how construction will be managed.

For instance, sidewalks will precede street. Most work is restricted to 9 am–3 pm. Sidewalk work will be staggered within each block so that there will be parking on one side of the street even during sidewalk construction.

Will this be fun? No, it will be hell. But organized hell.

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Many stories in fire hose of Mass. Ave. public record

Here’s what one Grafton Street resident told the Massachusetts Department of Transportation about crossing Mass Ave.:

student_crosswalk_sign_2I would like to tell you a true story of crossing that street with my son when he was nine, and two other boys as I was taking them to the Hardy School in the morning.

I am an extremely safety conscious person and yet, at the other end, as we were approaching Sabatino’s, it just so happened that one of the three boys who was with me was hit by a car.
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Landscape-design drawings add detail to the business district

Capitol Square landscaping (from new drawings)

Landscape-design drawings for the East Arlington business district, detailing the possible placement of trees, benches, and other features, were posted at the Town’s web page earlier today.

The drawings appear identical to those presented at the July 20 meeting of the Mass. Ave. Review Committee, which were draft works in progress, not final blueprints.

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