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New bus shelters include Thorndike St.

Arlington's only outbound bus shelter will be across from the Capitol Theater. Source: 100% plans page 17.

100% plans (p. 17) show bus shelter across from the Capitol Theater.

An MBTA bus shelter is in the works for the inbound Thorndike Street stop despite being omitted from the latest plans for the Mass. Ave. project.

At least 3 of the town’s new bus shelters are planned for East Arlington, inbound between Elmhurst and Orvis and at Linwood and outbound across from the Capitol Theater. These shelters are indicated in the 100% plans filed with MassDOT last week.

However there is no sign in the plans of the planned shelter at Thorndike St. The bus stop there will be relocated to the sidewalk in front of JN Phillips Auto Glass.

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East Arlington to get another bus shelter—maybe

This Cemusa shelter in North Cambridge is paid for by advertising.

Arlington is negotiating a contract with Cemusa, a private firm, to provide and maintain 8 bus shelters on Mass. Ave., 1 more than previously announced.

The new shelter will be inbound at Thorndike St. if the deal moves forward, according to Senior Town Planner Laura Wiener.

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Seven bus shelters are planned for Mass. Ave.

Arlington residents will be able to wait for MBTA buses under six inbound and one outbound bus shelters on Mass. Ave.

The design of the shelters is not certain, but the locations have been finalized, according to Laura Wiener, a senior planner for the Town of Arlington.

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MBTA drops most bus-stop consolidations on Mass. Ave.

The MBTA, which last spring proposed to consolidate or eliminate some bus stops on Mass. Ave. to improve service, has revised its proposal, retaining nearly all stops at or near their present locations.

The plan also calls for benches, trash cans, and, possibly, shelters at some locations.

The T will hold a public hearing on its revised plan in the Town Hall Auditorium in Arlington on Tuesday, September 25, from 6:30–8:00 pm. Stop-by-stop details, and a map, are available online.

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MBTA would eliminate, consolidate bus stops

The MBTA proposes to improve bus service on Mass. Ave. by moving and consolidating bus stops and providing benches, shelters, and other amenities.

New bus-stop location replaces those currently at Thorndike, Teel, Lafayette, and Sunapee. Blue X = removed, blue dot = proposed, white dot = current.

The proposal, which is preliminary, would move four bus stops from traffic signals that the neighborhood and the Town had retained over objections from the staff at Mass. Highway.

The plan would move and merge bus stops in East Arlington, including Sunapee/Boulevard Rds., Teel/Thorndike Sts., Linwood/Foster Sts., and Wyman Terr./Palmer St. Similar consolidations are proposed near the Foot of the Rocks area in Arlington Heights.

The T will present and take comments on the plan in the Selectmen’s Hearing Room at Town Hall from 6:30 to 8 PM on Thursday, June 9.

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Ad-funded bus shelters

The Town of Arlington is seeking a deal with a private company to erect ad-funded bus shelters on Mass. Ave., Broadway, and potentially other main streets in town.

Cemusa shelter at Mass. Ave and Columbus (Cambridge)

The shelters might look like this one just over the Town Line in North Cambridge:

Arlington is in talks with Cemusa to provide and maintain bus shelters in exchange for a share of revenue from shelter advertisements.

The Spanish-based company operates similarly in cities around the world, including New York, Boston, Somerville, and Cambridge. The shelter above is a Cemusa shelter.

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