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Crowdsourcing 64 MB of Mass. Ave. construction plans

construction signIt’s not too late to file your bid to rebuild the easternmost mile of Mass. Ave. in Arlington starting this spring.

Mass. Highway has postponed the bidding deadline until next Wednesday the 22nd, so get cracking.

More substantively for the brave if tiny band that is still following this issue, I’ve put the bid specifications online for all comers here.

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Mass. Ave. plan approved for bidding

The state Department of Transportation today upgraded the status of the plan to rebuild Mass. Ave. in East Arlington to “Advertised,” keeping the project on track for construction to begin next year.

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Selectmen start 3-year easements clock for Mass. Ave. sidewalks

Anticipating a fall bid date for the Mass. Ave. project, the Board of Selectmen last night voted to execute legal authority for more than 200 easements needed to repair and refurbish the sidewalks on Mass. Ave. in East Arlington.

The easements, all small and nearly all of them temporary, are a kind of restrictive right of way. They will allow construction crews to enter or touch the designated areas, which abut the sidewalks.

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Mass. Ave. construction seems on track for 2014

construction signThis summer at a neighbor’s pool, at the barber shop, and around town, people are asking me when construction is going to start on Mass. Ave.

If I had definite information I would publish it here. But I follow this issue more than most people, so for what it is worth, I think March or April of 2014 is likely.

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Easements move forward

The Town last month posted at its Mass. Ave. web page the draft plan for hundreds of easements related to the Mass. Ave project.

These easements are all small. All but six are temporary. They are primarily to give contractors rights to enter or touch abutters’ properties during reconstruction of the sidewalks.

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Construction road map

construction signThe 100% plans filed with MassDOT at the end of April include some hints about how construction will be managed.

For instance, sidewalks will precede street. Most work is restricted to 9 am–3 pm. Sidewalk work will be staggered within each block so that there will be parking on one side of the street even during sidewalk construction.

Will this be fun? No, it will be hell. But organized hell.

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New bus shelters include Thorndike St.

Arlington's only outbound bus shelter will be across from the Capitol Theater. Source: 100% plans page 17.

100% plans (p. 17) show bus shelter across from the Capitol Theater.

An MBTA bus shelter is in the works for the inbound Thorndike Street stop despite being omitted from the latest plans for the Mass. Ave. project.

At least 3 of the town’s new bus shelters are planned for East Arlington, inbound between Elmhurst and Orvis and at Linwood and outbound across from the Capitol Theater. These shelters are indicated in the 100% plans filed with MassDOT last week.

However there is no sign in the plans of the planned shelter at Thorndike St. The bus stop there will be relocated to the sidewalk in front of JN Phillips Auto Glass.

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100% plans mean Mass. Ave. Project nearly bid-ready

This ramp detail appears on Sheet 124 of the 100% plans.

This ramp detail appears on sheet 124 of the 100% plans. Click for larger view.

Only regulatory approvals stand between the Mass. Ave. project and reality, as the Town has posted 100% plans on its web page for the project and submitted them to the Mass. Department of Transportation.

Those plans, which could still change in response to technical criticism, fill in many small details needed to specify the construction work for bidding.

More-substantive decisions were made during the 25 and 75% design phases. However, the 75% design still awaits final approval by the Federal Highway Administration.

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Yet another public hearing challenges critics’ priorities, residents’ stamina

They shoot horses, don't they? Library of Congress photo

They shoot horses, don’t they? Library of Congress photo

Mass. Highway, at the request of the Federal Highway Administration, will hold another public hearing on the Mass. Ave. project to take comments on changes to the plan made since the 25%-design hearing of April 12 2011.

The scope of the hearing, 7 pm Tuesday February 26 at Town Hall, confronts both pro-safety and anti-safety critics of the plan with uncomfortable choices: a safer design that will delay the project by as much as a year, or one with an extra lane at its western end that is ready to go out to bid this spring.

The hearing also challenges weary Arlingtonians to turn out yet again for a process that has included more than a dozen public meetings over more than four years.
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