From the Town
The Town of Arlington’s web page for the Mass. Ave. Project usually has the latest drawings and plans for this evolving project.

Interested parties can now sign up for email notices from the Town related to news of construction, which is scheduled to start in spring of 2014. The links are towards the bottom of the Town’s subscription page.

Links to the most recent of these notices appear at the top of the Town’s web page. An archive of older notices is also available.

The Town also has an archive of previous versions of the plan and other materials that provide some more information and document how the plan has evolved, including this concise history.

For more background, the Town’s Transportation Advisory Committee has the 2002 Mass. Ave. Corridor Study on this web page (but you have to scroll down to find it). The meeting handouts describe some of the options for improving traffic flow and pedestrian safety, such as dedicated turning lanes and curb extensions.

Finally, here’s an archive of the Town’s list of all the members of the Mass. Ave. Review Committee.

Community Groups
The East Arlington Livable Streets Coalition is involved in several projects including the Mass. Ave. redesign. (And, they are on Facebook.) Disclosure: I have become a member of this group. (But, any opinions on this blog are my own.)

The East Arlington Concerned Citizens Committee, which formed to oppose the redesign generally, has persuaded the Arlington Advocate to host its position paper online. (The Advocate has also published my gentle criticism of this paper’s ideas.) And in March of 2011 this group published its first web page.

Here’s the link for A Better Mass Ave, a pro-rebuild group.

Walking in Arlington sponsors the Safe Routes to School program and historic walks, and promotes walking generally.

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