Design report

Mass. Ave FDR

In November of 2010, Arlington filed its Mass. Ave. design with the state, comprising detailed drawings and Functional Design Report. Both are posted on the Town’s web page for the project.

The report is a meaty, technical document that details (1) physical measurements and observations, (2) how these data inform the choices made, and (3) the main features of the new design.

This page lists blog posts that explain parts of the Functional Design Report.

1) In 2009, the Town’s consulting engineers walked new members of the Mass. Ave. Review Committee through the report. The report is since revised, but the walk-through is still (mostly) valid and a good introduction. My notes of that presentation are here.

2) The Face of a New Mass. Ave. lists the main features of the plan.

3) A Report Card for Mass. Ave. explains how the report rates key intersections  based on wait times and finds them wanting.

4) Promised Traffic Improvements describes how, using the same criteria as in no. 3 above, the report rates those same intersections under the new design and through 2028.

5) The report examines the best possible four-lane design, but there are problems. Fortunately, we only need three lanes. See When Four Lanes Won’t Fit and When Four Lanes Are Two.

It is this report, and the drawings, that will be at stake in the hearing that Mass. Highway will hold in Arlington in 2011.

The above posts are together on one page here. You can download the Functional Design Report from the Town’s project page.

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