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In this blog, I write about transportation issues in my town, Arlington Massachusetts. It’s a mixture of opinion and straight reporting.

Bottom of sign that reads "Entering Arlington"

East Arlington: I started doing this in 2009 with the focus on a plan to refresh Mass. Ave. in East Arlington.

Believe it or not, the plan was controversial. Spoiler alert: it got built, and is mostly great.

Alewife Greenway: At the same time I became fascinated by the work to build a multi-use path along the Alewife Brook, connecting to the Minuteman path. The path runs right near my house.

Through that lens I documented the process of building the path with photos and words.

I have also written about the following transportation projects:

Some of my columns are more general in nature.

I value your interest and, especially, your comments. Special thanks to those who have contributed their own photos and observations over the years.

10 comments so far

  1. Tom on

    How do I contact you? I have some questions about the bike/ped improvements, and how to make them in my town. Also, I would like to be able to get an email as new posts are made for this blog.

    • Adam Auster on

      Tom, I have just added a “follow via email” sign-up widget to this blog—it’s on the right towards the bottom. I probably should have done that three years ago.

      I’ll be in touch with you directly.

      • Ron Newman on

        OK, but how do I send you e-mail?

  2. Tom on

    Thanks !

  3. Tom on

    I cover some of these topics at an email list, you can sign up to receive periodic (about once per month) emails:

  4. Rachel on

    Hello, Adam.

    I’ve recently been studying the Mass Ave Corridor Project in as much detail as I can. I’m working on a column about the project for DigBoston. So far, I have found your blog to be one of the most enlightening, even if opinionated. I would love to interview you and talk about the Mass Ave Corridor Project, if you are willing.

    I’ve subscribed to your email so I get updates, but if you could contact me directly via email, it would be very much appreciated.

    • Adam Auster on

      Hi Rachel, I am sending you email.

      WordPress does not seem to have a simple “contact me” widget, which I would prefer to this “leave me a note” business.

  5. Ryan Jacobs on

    Hi Adam. A question for you and/or the Wordonthestreet Community:

    I know fairly little about the fine art of creasting concrete sidewalks, but the first few blocks that Lynch poured last Fall appear to be in horrible condition.

    The thin, smooth surface is flaking off in dozens of places (my 2 year old daughter effortlessly picked off a one inch piece with one finger), revealing a rough, busted-up looking sidewalk underneath, as if it had never been resurfaced. In some places, this has happened to two or three foot sections en masse, where an inch or two of concrete is already worn away an crumbling (especially around Dunkin’ Donuts).

    My question to you or others: 1) Has anyone else noticed this? and 2) Is this to be expected after just two months of a tough winter? and 3) Is there any chance Lynch can be required to resurface these shoddy areas (a contractor’s warranty, perhaps?).

    Thank you very much,

    • Adam Auster on

      Hello Ryan, and thanks. Do you have any photos? In any case I’ll get out there in the next few days to see for myself.

      I should think that MassDOT and the Town would want the sidewalks to be sturdier. Is it confined to just one place or have you noticed it elsewhere?

      • Ryan on

        Hi Adam. I just took a series of photos on Saturday afternoon. Where/how do I upload them to you? Facebook? Gmail?
        Thanks! Ryan ( rjacobs@csw.org )

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