Express Bus Shortcut Is Permanent

At this hour crews are packing up after a day spent painting the new bus-priority lane on Mass. Ave. Cambridge-bound.

Man collecting traffic cones at night.

With newly painted red road surface at his feet, a worker collects traffic cones at the conclusion of the day’s work.

The lane will be in effect from 6 to 9 AM every weekday. It runs from Varnum Street east nearly to Boulevard Road, near Route 16, where the lane opens to right-turning motor vehicles.

Night-time street scene showing traffic cones protecting a red-paointed road surface with police lights reflecting off of a truck.

The lane is painted red.

During those peak hours, the lane is restricted to MBTA buses and to cyclists.

Unlike the pilot program that the Town used to test the lane a year ago, the paint, and not traffic cones, will be the only indicator that demarcates the lanes.

Workesr loading equipment into a truck.

Workers pack equipment away into a truck parked near Lafayette Street.

Work crews spent most of the day painting the new markings onto Mass. Ave.

Correction: At the time I wrote this story, the lane was scheduled to begin on October 16, not 15 as I reported.

However, the schedule has since slipped. According to the Town, the express lane will be operative starting on Monday, October 21.

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