Bus slides show “Next Steps,” more

Next Steps slide from Town presentation on bus pilot. Full text below.

The Town has posted its slide presentation from Wednesday’s final meeting to evaluate the bus-priority pilot program.

Above, one of the slides provides information about what’s next, including a final report, recommendations about a future bus lane, and other plans. Click to enlarge.

In the above, TSP stands for Transit Signal Priority. This measure delays or accelerates the light cycle to speed buses through an intersection. It has been incorporated into the transit signal at Lake Street.

BRT stands for Bus Rapid Transit. A bus lane alone is not BRT, though it might be an element. Other BRT elements include off-board fare collection and level-platform boarding.

Note there is a post-pilot survey.

Woman with microphone and slide that reads "Feedback" and "Data"

Jennifer Raitt, Arlington’s Director of Planning and Community Development, opens up the November 14 evaluation meeting.

Other slides—and there are 47 of them—present preliminary data from the bus pilot. The slides also summarize project goals, history, and process.

“Next Steps” as text:

Next Steps

  • Post-Pilot survey open until November 30
  • Review full set of MBTA data and feedback November-December
  • Deliver report in early 2019 on recommendations for permanent bus lane
  • Continue work at Alewife Brook Parkway intersection and signal modifications
  • Investigate pedestrian safety improvements
  • Add TSP to Mass Ave signals—also added to Jason and Mill Street intersection
  • Consider level platform boarding
  • Work with MBTA and Cubic to implement off-board fare collection system
  • Explore BRT elements on Broadway and broader application of BRT elements
    along other sections of Mass Ave

Note that the pilot is over and there are no more public outreach meetings planned. However, the Town’s Department of Planning and Community Development plans to make a final report to the Select Board.

Board meetings are public and usually incorporate public comments.

The information in the Town’s presentation from the meeting fills in many of the gaps of my own hasty coverage of that event.


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