New Mass. Ave. trees may be work’s end

Check out the ring of fresh dark dirt around this tree on Mass. Ave.:

A newkt okabted A newly planted tree on Mass. Ave. on mass. Ave.

One of the new trees catches the chilly December 10 sun.

That dirt shows that the tree is one of many replacements planted last week by J.H. Lynch, the contractor for the Mass. Ave. Project. The trees replace those that were not planted properly or had not done well on their own in the drought.

Consequently it seems the Mass. Ave. Project is still underway, eight years after the kick-off meeting and twenty since the unfortunate traffic deaths that prompted calls for a redesign of the road.

Probably, however, this is its last rattle as an ongoing construction project. I imagine that J.H. Lynch will be glad to be done with us.

This particular tree stands just east of the relocated bus stop that is across, more or less, from JN Phillips Auto Glass.

The landscape plans call for a London planetree in this spot. However, to my untutored eye the tree looks the same as several nearby trees (also new) that, on those plans, are to be Okame cherries. The Okame is an early flowing tree.

Is the design a success? Could we have done this better? Has the Town learned anything from this process? Have we as a community? I certainly did.

There are still some things to write about what this experience means for Arlington and for me personally. I also expect to cover other road-related news from time to time.

In the unlikely event that there is any more of it, you may also click here for recent construction news.

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