First light

The lights come on for the first time earlier this evening. Nawwaf Kaba photo.

It’s on.

After a long delay, the troubled pedestrian-scale lights in the business district shed their first steam punk beams on East Arlington earlier this evening.

The illumination comes the night before tomorrow’s ribbon-cutting ceremony set forGrafton Street at 11 AM.

Activation of the lights, and also of all of the new controllers for the traffic signals, had been stalled by Eversource (formerly NStar) which was slow to perform necessary power hookups.

The hookups will enable the new signals to use their new controllers. This will ease some bottlenecks and ultimately allow the signals to operate as designed.

In the final configuration, the signals will use video cameras to detect and respond to traffic flow. The cameras are not installed yet; they may be in by winter if weather permits.

Unpoured sidewalk gaps in the busness district, some filled with temporary patch, await Eversource's action.

Unpoured sidewalk gaps, some with temporary patch, await Eversource’s action in the business district.

These are not so-called red-light cameras used for law enforcement; they are traffic-detection cameras used to control the signal timing.

Eversource, meanwhile, remains the holdup for the final sidewalk pours.

The contractor is waiting for Eversource to remove old utility poles from some areas before finishing the sidewalks there.

Thanks to Nawwaf Kaba for the photo and the heads up.

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2 comments so far

  1. Ryan Jacobs on

    Hi. Just wondering: are there any plans to install signs on Mass Ave at the Lake St intersection to actually inform/remind drivers that there is a delayed green for the East-bound lane? Thanks!

    • Adam Auster on

      Ryan, I don’t know. I do not see any sign like that in the final drawings, which are supposed to be comprehensive.

      What purpose would such a sign serve? What would drivers do differently there if they had that information?

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