Half of new lamp posts at risk of breaking

The lower banner mast on this lamp post across mass. Ave. from the post office is already broken off.

The lower banner arm on this lamp post across Mass. Ave. from the Post Office is broken off.

Banner arms on some 20 of the 40 new pedestrian lights installed as part of the Mass. Ave. project are at risk to be broken by trucks because the lamp posts are too close to the curb.

Some are already damaged.

Arlington DPW Director Mike Rademacher says the Town is aware of the issue, which affects “about 1/2 of the installations.” He is “working with the contractor and designer to develop a remedy,” he said in an email today.

Contractor J.H. Lynch installed the fixtures at the locations specified by the construction plans, in most cases 30 inches from the curb.

The banner mast is broken off.

The banner arm is broken off.

However, “It appears that the specifications for the pole placement by the designer neglected the fact that there were banner poles proposed,” Rademacher said.

The arms, designed to hold banners such as those promoting the annual Feast of the East celebration, are high up and do not project into the street.

They are 24″ long.

Nonetheless, a truck parked close to the curb can, depending on its dimensions, strike one or both of the mast arms.

Parked vehicles may be tilted curbward slightly by the engineered camber of the street.

Source: Mass. Ave Project drawings sheet 108. Click any image for a zoomed view.

Lamp post with dimensions. Click any image for a zoomed view. Source: Mass. Ave Project drawings sheet 108.

Some lamps are further than 30″ from parking and appear to be safe.

Rademacher says he’s “not sure yet what costs may be involved” in a fix for the problem.

Meanwhile, night paving of Mass. Ave. in my neighborhood was underway as this report was published.

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Upper bent, lower broken, acorn askew

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  1. Peter Fuller on

    Once again the devil is in the details.

    Adding break-away folding joints to the banner arms might solve the problem, and would be far cheaper than relocating the light posts.

    I also like Mark Kaepplein’s idea, posted on the Arlington List, to mark the parking spaces next to the endangered poles as handicap spaces.

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