Muncher of roads


The beast that chews up the road and spits it out the back slumbers near Allen St. late on Sunday afternoon.

Alert reader Mark Kaepplein writes, in part,

The other night another bystander…and I watching the machine in action noted how the Bobcat following it was like a pooper scooper following the elephants in a parade. Even more parade-like was that the driver zipping around driving like a Shriner in a little car.

The muncher strikes me as more Jurassic than processional, but it is an evocative description.

THe muncher's great teeth, hardened cones mounted on a wheel, scored and tore up the old asphalt layer on Mass. Ave. last week.

The muncher’s great teeth are these hardened cones mounted on a wheel.

I was out one night last week when the evening crews were deploying. One moment they mass along the side of the road, then the warning signs come out, and then the workers are everywhere setting up in and around the road in the failing light.

Night work is scheduled to resume on September 13. It is hard to believe that in a few short weeks the disruptive stuff will be behind us and the road and all its new features will be essentially functional.

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