Brace yourself for night work

According to the August 25 bulletin from the Mass. Ave. project team, the long-awaited resurfacing of Mass. Ave. will begin tomorrow night, August 30, at 8 pm.

Night work is scheduled from 8 pm to 5 am starting on August 30.

Foam ear plugs. Night work is scheduled from 8 pm to 5 am starting on August 30.

The noisy, disruptive work will continue through 5 am, to be repeated each night until Friday morning.

During the night workers will remove most or all of the pavement layer from Mass. Ave. To prepare for that, over the past week work crews have lowered utility-hole castings to below grade.

That work is planned on a similar nighttime schedule starting September 13.

The last two nights of resurfacing will take place on side streets that connect to Mass. Ave. If you live in the project zone, one of those nights may be quiet for you, depending on your location.

To use foam ear plugs, roll each plug into a narrow cylinder and gently place one in each ear. Hold each in place while it expands.

These take a little getting used to but they beat the alternative, unless perhaps the alternative is not in East Arlington.

At the June 2014 community meeting with the construction team, Gregory Oswitt of contractor J.H. Lynch & Sons warned that this phase would be noisy and disruptive.

He also said that despite the lowering of utility-hole casements, the casements would be obstacles during resurfacing, marked with cones and barrels.

Sleep tight everybody.

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