Quirky Mass. Ave. signs make Boston Globe

Those lemonade-colored signs in the Mass. Ave. construction zone in East Arlington made it into the Boston Globe on August 25.

You can say that again.

You can say that again.

The signs, erected in late June,  are the latest salvo from the irrepressible Capitol Square Business Association.

Globe reporter Steve Annear interviewed Jan Whitted, owner of Artbeat. Annear writes that Whitted explained, “the slogans weren’t meant to say, ‘We are doing fine,’ but rather ‘Come see us, we are pretty cool.'”

My barber, Frank Fazzolari (Vincent’s), told Annear it had been a rough year, signs notwithstanding. “Some of the clientele is on the older side, so the older guys can’t jump over stones or walk through rubble,” he said.

There are 26 signs, one for each letter of the alphabet, covering businesses from “awesome” to “zippity.”

Check out the Globe story here.

The view east along Mass. Ave. on July 4.

The view east along Mass. Ave. on July 4.

Click here for recent construction news.


2 comments so far

  1. bobsprague1943 on

    When I interviewed Jan Whitted in July for the first published story about the signs, I had a pretty good idea she knew who had put them up, though she declined to say. Turns out had a *very* good idea. I enjoy the clever wordplay as well as the underlying message.

  2. Adam Auster on

    Sorry, Bob, I should have credited you for the scoop! (And linked to the story.)

    As for me, I took these photos back in July but ran out of steam.

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