Love among the ruins


Chilldren play in the bouncy houses in front of the Trinity Baptist Church earlier today. Note the temporary asphalt walkway.

This year’s Feast of the East street fair was held today on partially finished sidewalks amidst the detritus of construction.

Knock-Knock1Knock-Knock2Contractor JH Lynch, represented by a pet-a-truck exhibit, cleaned up the construction zones for the festival and filled in a few critical gaps with temporary asphalt sidewalk.
Knock-Knock4 Knock-Knock5
The Capitol Square Business Association, which organizes Feast of the East, pitched in with a sequence of signs reminiscent of the old Burma Shave jingles.

Knock-Knock6Knock-Knock7 Knock-Knock8 Knock-Knock9


A musician performs at Feast of the East today.


In other news: Sidewalk demolition on the north side of Mass. Ave. reached its eastern terminus near the Cambridge line last week.

On the south side of the street, the sidewalk is newly torn up from Orvis Road to the Capitol Theater Building.

Feast-of-the-East crowds ended abruptly there with the pavement.




The view east from in front of the East Arlington Post Office shows newly dug-up sidewalk.

The view east from in front of the East Arlington Post Office shows newly dug-up sidewalk. Meanwhile, the undemolished sidewalk is packed.


East Arlington is well into the most disruptive period of construction from the point of view of most businesses.

The next month will probably see sidewalk work advance through the Lake Street intersection on the south side of Mass. Ave.


This small roller was on display at Feast of the East.

The first Feast of the East was organized in 1999 by then-Selectman Jack Hurd and others to celebrate East Arlington neighborhoods and businesses.


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