Open for business

The door to Vincent’s Barber Shop was wide open today while a crew worked on the sidewalk outside.

Sidewalk reconstruction bit deep into the business district this week as work began on two commercial blocks between Winter and Marathon streets.

Nearly all storefronts remain open for business amidst the noise and dust.

It’s the first all-business stretch of sidewalk to be reconstructed.

The 2-block segment abuts Grafton–Winter, which largely has walkable new sidewalks. It is a block short of the construction at Trowbridge–Amsden, where only a small segment of fresh sidewalk has been poured.

Sidewalk work east of Grafton St. across from the Capitol Theater block began the second week of April; Trowbridge–Amsden work began on April 16.

Meanwhile on the other side of Mass. Ave., new sidewalks are essentially complete from Pond Lane to Linwood Street.

An excavator dumps a load of old bricks into a truck parked in front of the Thailand Cafe near Marathon St. in East Arlington on May 12.

According to a May 11 notice from the project team, Winter–Marathon sidewalks will be poured “between May 26th and 29th.” if so, the duration of this segment would be 18 days including the Memorial Day holiday, or about 2½ weeks.

That is quicker than any other work segment so far, but still falls short of the team’s stated goal of a week, give or take, for each one-block stretch. Not that the contractor has (so far) organized any of the work into stretches of just one block.

This segment includes Olivio’s, Anthony’s East Side Deli, and all the storefronts in between. I saw only 1 “closed” sign on the 2 blocks today.

If you need coffee, a meal, or a haircut (among other things), consider giving one of these businesses your custom this week or the next.

Don’t forget there is a public meeting with the project team on May 14, 7–8:30 pm at the Thompson School.

A worker shovels brick into the excavator.

A worker shovels brick into the excavator.

About the bricks: The block shown had a standard concrete sidewalk but with a decorative brick border next to the curb.

Maw2On May 12 2 guys were shoveling the old bricks into the mouth of the excavator shown, which then dumped the bricks into the truck.

Click here for recent construction news.

An excavator rests it's maw in front of the Bank of America ATM near Marathon St. on May 12.

An excavator parks its maw by the Bank of America ATM near Marathon St. on May 12.


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