Mass. Ave. work to resume March 30

Coming soon—weather permitting

Coming soon—weather permitting

The rebulding of Mass. Ave. will resume this Monday, weather permitting, roughly where it abruptly left off on on December 8, according to Mass Highway.

The news came from a notice posted on the Town’s web site last week.

Sidewalk reconstruction will pick up from Grafton Street, the easternmost point reached last fall, after related survey work and sawcutting of pavement.

In a change of plan, sidewalk work will also begin on the opposite side of the street, starting at Pond Lane. The two sidewalk projects will be “staggered to ensure that only one sidewalk on any given section of Massachusetts Avenue is under construction” at a time.

The notice also mentions utility-pole relocation (by Eversource, formerly Nstar, formerly Boston Edison) and foundation work for new traffic signals at Teel, Lake, and Linwood Streets.

A construction crew had set up to start digging the Lake Street–signal foundation the morning of December 8.

However, local merchants protested that, per prior agreement, the business district was to be construction-free during the holiday shopping season.

The traffic cones were gone by the afternoon, and no work has taken place since.

Mass Highway, which is supervising the project, had said in December that some small-scale work could resume during the winter. These hopes were dashed by unusual cold spells and record snowfall.

I hope the new plan for “staggered” northside–southside sidewalk work means a return to the original plan of proceeding block by block and keeping the construction footprint as small as possible.

Click here for recent construction news.


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