Halted early, Mass. Ave. construction may resume soon

Work on the Mass. Ave. Project in East Arlington ended abruptly and early on December 8 at the request of local merchants, but could resume as early as January.

Sidewalk reconstruction paused for the season in early December, but the construction team had planned to work on discrete projects such as installing new signal masts (poles) through December 22.

However, when a work crew set up to install foundations for new masts at Lake Street on December 8, merchants objected, and work ceased.

Businesses say they had been promised that the business district near Lake St. would be construction-free during the December holiday-shopping season. The Town intervened on their behalf, and work ended by mid afternoon.

Since then I have not seen any sign of work even outside the business district, other than some general tidying up.

However, according to MassDOT the construction team will meet on January 5 to evaluate opportunities for small projects, such as the signal masts, that could be completed during the winter, weather permitting.

MassDOT does not expect to resume full-blown sidewalk construction until April.

December was quite mild and I would have thought that some work outside of the business district, such as masts for the new signals at Teel and Thorndike Streets, could have carried on.

Update: Here’s how things stood at the start of 2015.

Click here for recent construction news.


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