Construction week in review (with photos!)

On Monday, July 20, tree work (and likely other activity) continued.

On Tuesday, the digger for the project arrived on site. A pile of dirty crap that may have come from the storm-drain catch basins began to mount up in the staging area too.

If the digger even moved after that, I didn’t see it.

Drain guard at Bates Rd. filters debris but lets water flow through.

Drain guard at Bates Rd. filters debris but lets water flow through.

On Wednesday, workers installed flexible storm-drain guards throughout the project area.

These are removable (and reusable) catch basins that prevent construction debris from being washed into Spy Pond or the Alewife Brook.

Similar guards can hold as much as 500 pounds of debris.

All I saw on Thursday was some more survey work, including new street markings on the south side of Mass. Ave.

Some recent marks were reenforced with even-brighter-orange paint. (Measure twice?)

Teel St.

Teel St.

Friday saw more survey, including the first ever in my neighborhood (here on the Left Bank of the Alewife). But there is plenty more to come.

I also noticed some new marks, sometimes overlapping curbs. These relate to drains and other subterranean infrastructure.

West towards Tufts St. The box is labeled "Cut."

West towards Tufts St. The box is labeled “CUT.”

New marks by Wyman St.

New marks by Wyman St., with older marks repainted and yellow drain protector.

This quick summary is almost certainly incomplete.

Click here for recent construction news.


2 comments so far

  1. Molly Flueckiger on

    Thanks Adam for the detailed updates. I’ve never followed a construction project in such detail.

    • Adam Auster on

      Well of course it is happening right under our noses, and thus interesting.

      But for me taking the photos jump-starts curiosity: What is that exactly? What is going on right now? And I would not bother to take photos if I didn’t already have this blog.

      I got into a similar thing with photos of the construction of the Alewife Greenway right by my house.

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