Trees wrapped in wood

Like some conceptual art project, the trees of East Arlington donned wooden jackets last week.

The trunks of these trees are swathed in boards. View is west from near corner of Orvis Rd.

Board-swathed tree trunks stand sentinel west of Orvis Rd. View towards Arlington Center.

I can almost hear the art critics explaining the meaning of cloaking living trees in milled lumber.

In reality, the installation is to protect the trees, all on or near Mass. Ave., during construction.

They are wrapped in burlap and then boards are made fast around the trunks with metal ribbons.

If you see a tree in the project zone without armor, either the contractor has not gotten there yet or the tree is not slated to survive the project. (At least some trees are unhealthy and ought to be replaced.)

New trees will be planted, according to the project drawings.

close wrap

Boards secured by metal bands over burlap secured by duct tape.

Click here for recent construction news.

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