Mass. Ave. plans laid as completion slips into 2016

markContractors from J.H. Lynch and Sons will make their first contact with Mass. Ave. “during the week of May 27,” according to yesterday’s announcement from the Massachusetts Department of Transportation.

The announcement also acknowledged that the conclusion of the project has slipped into spring of 2016.

MassDOT also announced the first information meeting for the public about construction plans, for Monday June 16 at the Thompson School starting at 7 pm.

The post–Memorial Day week will see Lynch install “construction period signage,…erosion-control measures and protection for trees in the construction area, and preparatory drainage work,” according to MassDOT. Construction will begin “later in June,” according to an email notice from the Town of Arlington today.

This work will not affect sidewalks or peak-hour traffic, according to MassDOT.

The state has hired a community liaison for this project, Nathaniel Cabral-Curtis. He works for Howard Stein-Hudson, the Town’s design consultant on the Arlington Center project. (The Town’s Mass. Ave. design consultant was Fay, Spofford & Thorndike.)

The Town and the state have long described the project in terms of 18 months or 2 construction seasons. Delaying the start of construction  until June has pushed the completion date into a third construction season, since little or no work will take place from November to March.

The Town’s Mass. Ave. Project web page now reflects this information, and also links to this inscrutable map. (What are those colored stripes anyway?)

Further: Writing at, Bob Sprague’s roundup of Mass. Ave. news includes an account of the discussion of the project at last night’s Selectmen’s Meeting.


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  1. Mark Kaepplein on

    Almost every new, big project in Massachusetts gets a late start in spring. Its because a bond bill to pay for the new projects doesn’t get through the state Legislature and signed by the Governor until spring. Everyone should expect such late starts.

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