Four bid to rebuld Mass. Ave. for $6M

Four general contractors are bidding for the job of reconstructing Mass. Ave. in East Arlington from the Cambridge line to Pond Lane.

Bids range from $5.9 to $6.4 million dollars, as follows.

A fifth contractor, J. Tropeano Inc., did not qualify.

The high bidder, DeFelice Corporation, was found at fault last year for cutting into a gas line while working for the City of Boston in 2010. The subsequent explosion destroyed a Hyde Park home and triggered evacuation of the neighborhood.

DeFelice maintains that had NStar marked the gas lines “properly…the explosion could have been avoided.”

The information on bids is posted online (scroll down) at the web site for Bid Express, a firm that automates many public-sector procurement operations.

The bids were opened yesterday and are currently being evaluated.

Update: The Town has posted a short press advisory from MassDOT noting the opening of bids, and has linked to that statement from its web page for the project.

The timetable in the advisory suggests that notice to proceed could be delayed until mid April.


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