Crowdsourcing 64 MB of Mass. Ave. construction plans

construction signIt’s not too late to file your bid to rebuild the easternmost mile of Mass. Ave. in Arlington starting this spring.

Mass. Highway has postponed the bidding deadline until next Wednesday the 22nd, so get cracking.

More substantively for the brave if tiny band that is still following this issue, I’ve put the bid specifications online for all comers here.

It’s a small ocean of data, so dive in. If you notice anything odd or interesting post it in the comments below.

The specs are an even-more-refined version of the 100% plans finalized last fall. This really does include everything you’d need to bid on the job, but is of general interest too.

If you want to see, for instance, exactly what the lane markings are supposed to look like (in a series of drawings starting with HWY 0068) or the prevailing wage rates for every job from bulldozer operator ($64.29/hr.) to flagger ($40.50), it’s all here.

The documents and drawings are in 3 folders as follows:

  • Documents have the written specifications, including all technical and legal requirements.
  • HWY Drawings comprise 133 detailed street plans and other drawings, broken down by category so that there are 10 drawings detailing the curbs (starting 0034), drainage (0056) and other topics. There is also a physical profile of the road showing it gradually climb to a high point of about 33 feet someplace between Oxford and Winter Streets from its low point of 11 ft. at the Cambridge line. The new traffic signal at Bates Rd. and Marion St. is detailed starting on 0085, and there are some cross sections, drawings of trees, and a wealth of detail.
  • XSections604687 contains 49 cross sections of what I take to be regular intervals.

I am most drawn to the HWY folder, but can’t pretend that I have reviewed enough of this to tell you what the highlights are. The cross sections must be very important but might as well be Greek as far as I am concerned.

Of more immediate interest: The temporary traffic-control plan, governing conditions during construction, begins on HWY 0100.

See anything good? Post it in the comments.


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