Advocate maps crash data

The Arlington Advocate has mapped the location of all 16 motor-vehicle crashes with pedestrians in 2013.

The map accompanies a news story, published online yesterday and in this week’s print edition, describing some of the pedestrian-safety improvements planned for Mass. Ave. in East Arlington.

Of the sixteen collisions with pedestrians that are known to Arlington police, six took place in East Arlington. Three occurred on the stretch of Mass. Ave. to be rebuilt as part of the Mass. Ave. Project, including the Town’s only fatality for the year.

On December 19, a motorist struck and killed a woman in the Mass. Ave. crosswalk at Orvis Road.

The Orvis Road crosswalk has been the site of other pedestrian crashes and the subject of testimony by residents at public hearings.

Plans for crossing include shorter crossing distance, a pedestrian island, and lane reduction westbound.

Planned: Pedestrian island, shorter crossing, lane reduction westbound.

The new design for the crossing adds curb bump-outs and a pedestrian island and removes one outbound lane. The changes shorten the crossing and eliminate half of the multi-lane-threat risk present today.

The plan also adds a new signal and several new pedestrian crosswalks in other locations.

Town-wide, eight of the mapped crashes took place on Mass. Ave.

The Mass. Ave. Project in East Arlington will affect the easternmost mile of the street, from the Cambridge line to Pond Lane. Construction of the $6M project, paid for by state and federal grants, is scheduled to begin on April 1 and last more than a year.

See also “Safety by Design,” about building safer streets, and also the Advocate’s February 2011 look at pedestrian safety on Mass. Ave., which I discussed in this post.


2 comments so far

  1. Bob Sprague on

    The Advocate map of vehicle collisions involving pedestrians is informative. Note that the accompany news story reports incorrect police information about the victim. For a story about a neighbor who knew the victim, see

    • Adam Auster on

      Bob, this is a very fine piece that not only corrects the record but also humanizes the victim. I now link to it from my own report of the tragedy and its coverage.

      Thank you.

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