Water-main repair

Road Closed

Road Closed: The view north on Henderson St. earlier this evening

This report is not at all about Mass. Ave. but when our water went out a little while ago I grabbed my camera and went out in the wet to see what I could.

Contractors at work fixing a water main on Henderson St. this evening.

Contractors at work fixing a water main on Henderson St. this evening.

I’ve got a new camera that I’m still learning how best to use under different conditions. You’ll notice how the man in the hole is just a white silhouette.

Still, this photo captured the some of the sense of purpose and chaos at the scene.

I don’t know how many households are affected or how long we’ll be dry, but repairs are underway.


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  1. Mark Kaepplein on

    Nice camera, but it doesn’t capture ghosts? (its actually about as well exposed as possible for the wide dynamic range in the scene). The first image is a little under-exposed, yet well illustrates how the new LED streetlights produce lots of glare off wet roadway to obscure visibility of pedestrians. Many times pedestrians have to be “seen” as shadows blocking glare from the street or other drivers’ lighting rather than directly – not easy to do at a distance.

    • Adam Auster on

      Everything is a tradeoff, but I wonder how the shot would have looked had I bumped exposure down a few notches. Darker, and different, but maybe not in a bad way.

      Not going to fumble about in the rain trying to figure that out on my new camera though.

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