Center parking is topic of meeting, survey, study

Arlington Center parking will be the subject of a public meeting in Town Hall on January 9.

The forum, in the Town Hall Auditorium 5-8 pm, is part of an effort by the Town to assess possible improvements to parking.

The event will include the presentation of block-by-block parking data assembled by the Transportation Advisory Committee. The Town invites participants to drop by for any portion of the meeting.

The Town is also encouraging residents and others to take an online survey about parking issues.

The data, meeting, and survey will inform a parking study funded by Town Meeting last spring, with the aim of identifying measures to improve parking in Arlington Center.

According to a page on the Town’s web site, the study is considering metering and other forms of paid parking, enforcement, street design, and changes to parking regulations, among other things.

As defined in the Town’s detailed specifications for the study, “Downtown” includes Broadway Plaza plus Mass. Ave. to Academy St.; Route 60 from Maple St. to Medford (including Chestnut St.); Medford St. to Chestnut St., most of Water St., Swan St., and most of Swan Pl. (There’s a map included at the link.)

Although I’ve written about some Arlington Center parking issues, they are not part of my beat here at The Word on the Street.

Parking is different from traffic safety and this topic is just too removed from Mass. Ave. in East Arlington for me to be able to do a good job.

If you want to know what is going on with parking, you should stop by Town Hall on the 9th!


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