What’s in store for 2014

I claim no psychic powers, but barring surprises the backhoes will roll this spring on Mass. Ave.

Bidding for the project formally opens the 22nd of this month. Bids are scheduled to be awarded on the 25 of February, based on a construction start (“notice to proceed” date) of April 1.

The end of the design process means the role of the public has changed profoundly. Arguably the Town’s new construction-news email list will render such efforts as this blog redundant. We’ll see.

Further afield, I don’t know if I will have anything new to write about the Alewife Greenway. The northern terminus is still unfinished.

It has been fun to document the path’s construction. Go take a walk on it.

Similarly off East Arlington’s stretch of Mass. Ave., and similarly contiguous with it, is the project to improve safety and mobility in the center of town.

I have filled a small void by posting news here about that project, but I never felt it was entirely on my beat. My coverage of the center has been spotty, and will continue in that vein if at all.

Speaking of psychic powers, I did make a few Mass. Ave. predictions back in December of 2010. So far so good.

A big East Arlington happy new year to you and yours.


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