Woman killed crossing Mass. Ave.

A 77-year-old Boston woman has died after being struck while crossing Mass. Ave. in East Arlington last night.

According to news reports the victim, Elba Ortiz-Delgado, was using a walker in the crosswalk by Orvis Road.

The driver of the vehicle, a 67-year-old Arlington man, has been cited for failing to yield and for driving without a license.

Ortez-Delgado was struck around 10 pm and died of her injuries at Massachusetts General Hospital.

YourArlington.com has further information about the driver, who once owned a gun shop in Arlington.

The Mass. Ave. crosswalk at Orvis Road has been the site of multiple pedestrian injuries, the subject of testimony to the state’s Department of Transportation from Arlington residents earlier this year.

In 1996, two women were killed crossing Mass. Ave. in East Arlington, one near Lafayette St. and another, also 77, by Wyman St.

Plans for crossing include shorter crossing distance, a pedestrian island, and lane reduction westbound.

Planned: Pedestrian island, shorter crossing, lane reduction westbound.

The crosswalk is slated for safety improvements as part of the reconstruction of Mass. Ave. in East Arlington, scheduled to break ground in April.

Following the story are WHDH, Arlington Patch, YourArlington, the Arlington Advocate, and the Boston Globe.

Update: According to a graphic published by the Globe, Ortez-Delgado had crossed from the northern side of Mass. Ave. across both lanes of westbound traffic before being struck in the northernmost of the two eastbound lanes. Coverage in the Advocate now cites eyewitness accounts of the crash.

The story published in the Globe’s December 21 print edition includes the following:

On Friday, many cars drove through the crosswalk without stopping, even when pedestrians had started across. Some that did stop were honked at from trailing cars.

At night, pedestrians face even greater danger, neighbors said.

Further Update: Bob Sprague at YourArlington has written a profile of Delgado based on an interview with a neighbor who knew her. It both corrects errors in press coverage (for instance, she lived at the Burns apartment in Cambridge) and humanizes her. Still further: Bob has written a story about the efforts of Dalgado’s neighbor to secure a Catholic burial.

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