To my readers

WordPress, which hosts this blog, has started notifying me that you may occasionally see advertisements here, at the end of some blog posts.

If so, I did not put them there.

Had I known about this back in 2009 I might have chosen a different blogging platform for The Word on the Street. In fairness to WordPress, things change and WordPress, which does not charge me for hosting the blog, has expenses for things like electricity and servers.

(Also in fairness to WordPress, they’ll keep the adverts at bay if I pay them $30 every year. Not gonna, though.)

I don’t see these ads and have no information about what they will be like or what they will advertise or even if they’ve started yet. I hope they will not be obtrusive.

For now, I’ll just note that it is WordPress that is hawking whatever it hawks through these ads. The Word on the Street will derive no income from them, does not track you or your web habits,¬†and does not decide what gets advertised.


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