Construction road map

construction signThe 100% plans filed with MassDOT at the end of April include some hints about how construction will be managed.

For instance, sidewalks will precede street. Most work is restricted to 9 am–3 pm. Sidewalk work will be staggered within each block so that there will be parking on one side of the street even during sidewalk construction.

Will this be fun? No, it will be hell. But organized hell.

  • The order of work is (1) Sidewalk, (2) Median, (3) Milling & Paving, (4) Pavement Marking, and (5) Landscaping and Cleanup.
  • No work “affecting the traveling public” from 9–3 or from November 15–January 15.
  • 48-hour notice required to abutters before any work that would restrict access; otherwise “access shall be maintained at all times during all phases of construction.”

These and other considerations are of prime concern to businesses on the street but also to all of us who care about those businesses and a vibrant East Arlington.

For the full story see sheets 99 and 101 of the 100% plans (and other sheets in the sequence).


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