New bus shelters include Thorndike St.

Arlington's only outbound bus shelter will be across from the Capitol Theater. Source: 100% plans page 17.

100% plans (p. 17) show bus shelter across from the Capitol Theater.

An MBTA bus shelter is in the works for the inbound Thorndike Street stop despite being omitted from the latest plans for the Mass. Ave. project.

At least 3 of the town’s new bus shelters are planned for East Arlington, inbound between Elmhurst and Orvis and at Linwood and outbound across from the Capitol Theater. These shelters are indicated in the 100% plans filed with MassDOT last week.

However there is no sign in the plans of the planned shelter at Thorndike St. The bus stop there will be relocated to the sidewalk in front of JN Phillips Auto Glass.

This has been a particular concern of mine and I asked Laura Wiener at the Town’s Planning and Community Development Department if the shelter had been dropped.

Today she sent me this message:

There will be a bus shelter at Thorndike. It will get installed as part of the Mass. Ave. project (as opposed to the Key Bus Routes program, which will start this summer).

Wiener adds that the Thorndike bus shelter was added later than the others and “did fall through the cracks between the 2 projects.”

The shelters, like the bus-stop relocations, are part of the MBTA’s Key Bus Route Improvement Program.

Shelters in other parts of town will go in this year, but that work in East Arlington will await the Mass. Ave. Project.

A shelter at JN Phillips is particularly appropriate as the bus stop would otherwise be exposed on all sides without so much as a wall or tree to break the wind, rain, or snow.


2 comments so far

  1. Douglass Davidoff on

    Adam, don’t you mean to describe Thorndike as an “inbound” stop? Teel Street is the coordinate “outbound” stop, right? Or, are you describing an outbound shelter at Teel Street?

    • Adam Auster on

      Doug, of course you are right. have fixed this.

      Thanks! I plead spring fever.

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