100% plans mean Mass. Ave. Project nearly bid-ready

This ramp detail appears on Sheet 124 of the 100% plans.

This ramp detail appears on sheet 124 of the 100% plans. Click for larger view.

Only regulatory approvals stand between the Mass. Ave. project and reality, as the Town has posted 100% plans on its web page for the project and submitted them to the Mass. Department of Transportation.

Those plans, which could still change in response to technical criticism, fill in many small details needed to specify the construction work for bidding.

More-substantive decisions were made during the 25 and 75% design phases. However, the 75% design still awaits final approval by the Federal Highway Administration.

Plans at the so-called 100% phase are the most comprehensive and also the most technical. They are where the Town specifies such things as grade of the road, the thicknesses of road markings, the signage to be used, and the exact location of easements, to the extent that these are not specified in the 75% plans.

Such plans are not friendly to the untutored eye. A series with lane markings begins on sheet 69. Sheet 99 gives some hints about the order of work (“milling and paving shall not be done until the median and sidewalk work is complete”).

Senior Town Planner Laura Wiener said that final bid documents would not be ready by June 1. Preparing final bids “could go right down to the wire” on September 30, the end of the federal Fiscal Year, she said.

The bid schedule was revised to June 1 by MassDOT last winter.

Further technical changes to the 100% plans may follow from review by the staff at MassDOT, Wiener said.


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