Neighbors for ‘A Better Mass. Ave.’

New web site has upbeat take, opposes stopping the project

New web site strikes a positive note of support for the Mass. Ave. project, but also a warming

Neighbors’ short endorsements of the Mass. Ave. plan are featured on a new web page.

The upbeat testimonials are the brain child of Chad Gibson of the East Arlington Livable Streets Coalition.

The site, A Better Mass Ave, is also the web headquarters of the Better Mass. Ave. Committee.

The group formed to urge a No vote on Question 1 at Town elections April 6.

The group warns that Yes a vote for Question 1 could forfeit $5 million of state and federal highway assistance.

In a news release, Gibson calls the question “a sneaky trick” that the taxpayers cannot afford.

The message? “Don’t stop the project, vote No on 1.”

As of this writing the site features more than 40 testimonials from residents identified by name and street.

Almost all are enlivened by photographs of individuals, families, and pets.

There are also some Photoshopped views of Mass Ave after reconstruction, and a twitter feed.

The endorsements are heaviest from East Arlington, and include members of the Board of Selectmen and the Commission on Disabilities.

Update: I’ve added this web site to the Links section.

Full disclosure: I helped Chad and others to implement this idea on the web, using Blogger (Word on the Street uses WordPress). I think it is a great idea.

My own testimonial is here and features a photo my daughter took of me this past winter.


5 comments so far

  1. Mark Kaepplein on

    Good job on an effective use of media. The photoshopped view of the Marathon Street intersection looks inaccurate and outdated. It does not match the most recent 75% plans where the crossing was moved. The only raised median for a crosswalk in the plan is at the Grafton/Orvis intersection. The only other raised pedestrian refuge is mid-block west of Marathon.

    • Adam Auster on

      The photos are not my work. The proposed removal of that crosswalk (and island) was reversed.

      • Mark Kaepplein on

        So, the 75% plan posted on the town web site is not the real 75% plan? Or it is, but the 100% plan includes changes that should be in a 25% plan? Where can one find what the plan is today?

      • Mark Kaepplein on

        Adam, where has the town announced this change or are you the mouthpiece for the Arlington Planning Department?

        • Adam Auster on

          Mark, not only am I not the spokesperson, as you indelicately ask, for the Town of Arlington, I am also not a public utility.

          When I have questions or criticisms about the plan or its presentation, I ask (or tell) the people who have knowledge or responsibility for it.

          You may do likewise.

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