East Arlington to get another bus shelter—maybe

This Cemusa shelter in North Cambridge is paid for by advertising.

Arlington is negotiating a contract with Cemusa, a private firm, to provide and maintain 8 bus shelters on Mass. Ave., 1 more than previously announced.

The new shelter will be inbound at Thorndike St. if the deal moves forward, according to Senior Town Planner Laura Wiener.

As previously reported, Cemusa will maintain the shelters in exchange for ad revenues. The Town will get the shelters and a small share of the advertising revenues.

Last November the Town anticipated only 7 bus shelters and the status of an agreement with Cemusa was in doubt.

The 5 shelters that are not in East Arlington could be installed this year, Wiener said. The 3 East Arlington shelters would not be added until the end of the construction phase for Mass. Ave. in 2014.

The Thorndike St. bus stop, which will be moved across Thorndike St. to a new location in front of JN Phillips, joins the following bus-shelter locations inbound:

  • 1210 Mass. Ave (Appleton St.)
  • 1110 Mass. Ave. (Quincy St.)
  • Lockeland Rd. (near High School)
  • 840 Mass. Ave (Newman Way)
  • 300 Mass. Ave. (Linwood St.)
  • 260 Mass. Ave. (between Elmhurst and Orvis).

The sole outbound location is 215 Mass. Ave. (Winter St.).

The shelters are planned in conjunction with the T’s Key Bus Route Improvement Program, which will consolidate and shift several bus stops on Mass. Ave. and  also provide benches at some stops.

I’m especially pleased about the Thorndike stop and had previously asked Laura Wiener to consider if something could be done there.

The T is moving the stop to a spot that is completely exposed on all sides, away from a storefront where there are at least door wells and an awning for improvised protection from the elements.

It’s a popular bus stop and a shelter there would be great!


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  1. Douglass Davidoff on

    Hi, Adam! As you know, I’m a neighbor of yours who also uses the Thorndike stop for inbound MBTA bus service. It’s great to learn that Cemusa and the Town of Arlington have agreed to put a shelter at Thorndike! I had a feeling such news might be on the way because a couple of weeks ago, I spotted a Cemusa staffer in a Cemusa-marked pickup truck taking photographs of the Thorndike stop and environs. So I prayed it was good news. In the warmer months, I’ve used the sidewalk furniture for Maria’s Pizza as a seating area for the bus stop and they don’t mind, since sometimes I’m also a patron of their fine foods. As for relocating the bus stop westward to a spot in front of JN Phillips auto glass, the move comports with the town/Cemusa policy that called for avoiding shelter locations in front of residential properties. The current shelter-less Thorndike stop is indeed in front of a residence.

    • Adam Auster on

      I think the location was mostly about parking, since the MBTA has been moving bus stops to “farside” locations (after the cross street) all else equal, and JN Phillips is “nearside.”

      My guess is Maria’s requested no bus stop.

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