Seven bus shelters are planned for Mass. Ave.

Arlington residents will be able to wait for MBTA buses under six inbound and one outbound bus shelters on Mass. Ave.

The design of the shelters is not certain, but the locations have been finalized, according to Laura Wiener, a senior planner for the Town of Arlington.

The inbound locations are as follows:

  • 1210 Mass. Ave (Appleton St.)
  • 1110 Mass. Ave. (Quincy St.)
  • Lockeland Rd. (near High School)
  • 840 Mass. Ave (Newman Way)
  • 300 Mass. Ave. (Linwood St.)
  • 260 Mass. Ave. (between Elmhurst and Orvis).

The outbound location is 215 Mass. Ave. (Winter St.)

The shelters are planned in conjunction with the T’s Key Bus Route Improvement Program, which will consolidate and shift several bus stops on Mass. Ave. and will also provide benches at some stops.

Meanwhile, plans to fund shelters with advertising revenue are on hold and may not go forward, Weiner said.

The MBTA shelter plan skips the business district and nearly all of East Arlington. Wiener said that choices for bus-shelter locations are constrained by narrow sidewalks.


1 comment so far

  1. Zegloe Thurmas on

    We need no-wall bus shelters, with ceiling ads, for narrow sidewalks.

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