Cutting the ribbon left to right are Senator Will Brownsberger, Arlington Selectman Joe Curro, Arlington Town Manager Adam Chapdelaine, DCR Commissioner Edward Lambert, Somerville Alderman Robert Trane, Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone, Jeffry Simon (who directs the Massachusetts Recovery and Reinvestment Office), and Massachusetts Energy and Environment Secretary Richard Sullivan. October 25 2012.

The backhoes are gone and the carpenters have packed up their tools. Though the landscapers who were at work yesterday may well return tomorrow, today state and local officials came to cut the ribbon on the Alewife Greenway path that they had helped to make a reality.

The day before, the bank of the brook at right shows fresh plantings, and in the background (click photo for expanded view) a work crew performs some last-minute landscaping.

I’ve just returned from this short ceremony, complete with giant scissors. It was held on the recently completed boardwalk on the Somerville side of the Alewife Brook just north of the Henderson St. Bridge, as traffic whizzed by on Route 16.

Work has continued throughout the week. When I visited the site yesterday to photograph the latest round of landscaping on the Somerville bank between the boardwalk and Route 16, I found a landscaping crew, visible in the distance, still working away.

It’s as good a time as any for such a ceremony, but work continues and a project this big may always have something that needs attention.

Residents and officials hang out and hobnob on the Henderson St. Bridge before the ceremony. The view is south from the new boardwalk.

Consequently it was cheering that Edward Lambert, the DCR Commissioner who introduced the speakers shown in my first photograph, closed by referring to the need to provide stewardship for these properties. That’s not quite a promise but it is the right idea.

Meanwhile a neighbor asked me if the ceremony meant the end of this blog.

Alewife on the move.

I had to remind her that this is a blog about Mass. Ave.

From that street the Alewife path, and these posts (beginning with this one at the start of construction in July 2010), are but a pleasant detour. (Also, here are the previous and next Alewife reports.)

Perhaps we will see a ribbon-cutting on Mass. Ave. one of these days.

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  1. Bob Sprague on

    This is good neighborhood reporting. That’s why a story about this using Adam’s blog is at the top of my site:

    Bpb Sprague

    • Adam Auster on

      Thanks, Bob! That map of Ron Newman’s that you link to from your story is pretty interesting too.

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