Go fish

The alewife swim east from the trail head at the Henderson St. Bridge. Photo (looking West): Stephanie Marlin-Curiel.

Follow the alewife as they swim along the Greenway path.

These decorative stencils connect the path segments, trail head to trail head, where interrupted by roads at Mass. Ave. Henderson St., and Broadway.

They are new as of last week. I noticed them for the first time walking back from the T after a dentist appointment on October 18.

They made me smile, Novocaine and all.

There has been a flurry of finishing touches like this on the whole path since the end of August, including more landscaping and trees and some repairs to the eroded stone-dust walkway.

I’ve been remiss in documenting these, but I hope to get it all together and make a report, probably backdated.

Photo: Stephanie Marlin-Curiel

In the mean time, thanks to Stephanie Marlin-Curiel for her photos, and for nudging me to take up this blog again. It’s been a busy fall and I guess I just needed a break.

The stencils are clever and fun and reminded me of the original theme of the Greenway restoration project as presented at a public meeting in Belmont nearly a decade ago.

The theme was “connections”: of transit modes, of people, nature, history, and recreation facilities.

Not all of the original vision has been realized, but its the core idea is intact; the street crossings are awkward, yet these alewife knit the major segments of the path together.

My only quibble: These guys are swimming downstream—the wrong way.

Strolling a bit upstream from Henderson Street brings us to Mass. Ave.:

Looking south at Mass. Ave. from the Greenway on the Arlington side. Photo: Me.

Here the fish are swimming from the trail head at Boulevard Road. (No stencils on the street itself, just the sidewalk.)

Mass. Ave. is one of the problematic intersections and also (ahem) the true subject of this blog. But for Greenway reports, you can read them all starting in July of 2010. Or just check out the previous or next installment.


2 comments so far

  1. Ron Newman on

    The DCR will have an official ribbon-cutting tomorrow (Thursday, October 25) at 1 pm at the Henderson Street bridge.

  2. Stephanie on

    Nice post, Adam!

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