Walk the path from end to end

I was out of town, but last Friday alert reader Ron Newman reported that the Henderson St. Boardwalk was “finished and open.”

Open for business: the view north from the Henderson St. bridge at the end of the week. Note the carpenters’ trailer and canopy are still in place at the northern end of the boardwalk.

With this milestone it is finally possible to walk the Alewife Greenway path end to end on the new surfaces.

The boardwalk jogs east and hangs slightly over the brook, avoiding obstacles. The angle and size of the entrances make it easy to walk or bike along the path.

By August 3, as described in my previous report, the carpenters had nailed down most of the floor. In the ensuing fortnight they finished the floor and built the railings.

I’ll just tell the story of that with pictures. With one exception, all of these photos were taken from the Henderson St. Bridge near my house in East Arlington. Click on any photo for a larger view.

The floor is not done, but the carpenters have started on the railing posts.

Things appear to progress more slowly than in July, perhaps because of the smaller, fussier nature of the work.

Each post is attached with four bolts.

The boardwalk on August 7. That’s St. Paul Cemetery in the background.

August 9: These two guys—here, one on a ladder in the brook  and another using some kind of two-handed power tool—built most of what you see.

By Monday, August 13, it’s all about the railings.

A detail from the opened boardwalk.

I was out of town for the rest of the week, but as Ron reported (thanks!) the boardwalk opened on Friday.

The open boardwalk, a closer view than my first photo. (I shot this one between the metal balusters of the railing of the Henderson St. Bridge.)

It seems clear that some finish carpentry remains.

For my closing image, a look back at the bridge from which I have taken so many photographs this summer.

Looking south towards the Henderson St. Bridge from the new boardwalk on August 18.

The above photo of the bridge from the Somerville side was taken in Arlington. The town line extends to the east bank of the Alewife, and the western edge of the boardwalk overhangs the brook.

If you take yourself to the new boardwalk and stand to the side, you can similarly enjoy the newest view in town. It has not been possible to stand in this particular spot with dry feet for at least a hundred years and probably longer.

I never thought when I started this blog about Mass. Ave. that I would be spending so much time off of that street. (With respect to the Mass. Ave. project, I expect some news about the final design soon.)

Nonetheless here’s my previous report on the Greenway and my very first set of photos of the work on it near my house from July of 2010.

Update: And here’s the next.


6 comments so far

  1. Tom on

    Looks Great !
    I passed cross-posed over at
    Also, check out this new site: http://www.needhamrailtrail.org

    • Tom on

      Do you have a link to any budget info ?

  2. Ron Newman on

    I made a Google map of all the Alewife paths in Arlington, Cambridge, and Somerville: http://goo.gl/maps/1rcCi

    Also, I took some photos of my own of the new boardwalk section, for the Somerville Bicycle Committee:

    • Adam Auster on

      Ron, thanks!

  3. Tom on

    Thanks for the budget info — very helpful !
    The path and boardwalk are very impressive !


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