A small flourish on the Alewife

South of Mass. Ave, the still-not-quite-finished Alewife Greenway path is blocked off for some gas utility work.

Across the Henderson St. Bridge on the Somerville side, just over my narrow local horizon, crews have been shoring up and tearing up and digging and generally prepping for what I assume will be a flying boardwalk on the Alewife’s right bank.

Closer to home, however, there are shrubs.

Bushes in pots delivered June 6. View is roughly north from the southern end of the new ramp.

About 80 of these were delivered on June 6 to the area around the new ramp that leads from the path near my house up to Henderson St.

They were planted the next day:

Bushes planted on June 7. The angle of this photo shows the northern end of the ramp by the Henderson St. Bridge.

We also got an ornamental tree—a Juneberry—along the path approaching the ramp from the south. (It’s on the west side of the path if you care to look for it.) Apparently it is fruit-bearing, as well as pretty. And, in keeping with the design theme, a native species.

This was a pleasant surprise, since so far all we had gotten were some dour Oaks.

The two photos above show the same plants, before and after, on a patch along the southwest quarter of the ramp.

However these shrubs were planted the full length of the ramp on both sides (with some gaps), about 80 in all.

Combined with the new railings at the top of the ramp, they discourage walking along those sides. We’ll see how they fare.

The new shrubs get some water.

and they are mulched

Update: Well, they are not left to fend for themselves from day one, as this latest photo shows!

This was on June 21 and the view is looking south from the top of the ramp. If it’s not clear, note that the man in the yellow shirt is watering the new shrubs.

Even Further Update:
Not just watering: mulching. A far cry from the way plants were left sitting around in their pots for months back in 2010.

Finally I regretfully report one last detail, proof in its way that the new facilities have been integrated into the human environment. See photo.

What a piece of work is Man. Tagged railing, looking SE.

You knew it was coming, just not where or when.

This blog about Mass. Ave. wanders at times.

To wander with it along the banks of the Alewife, you can read the previous post in this series, the first Alewife post, or all of them together (but in backwards order).

Update: Work continues in the next post.


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  1. dr2chase on

    If you think it needs paw-paws (also native, also fruit-bearing) I’ll have a mess of seeds in a few months. A fair number of those subsequently sprout.

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