Alewife railing

What’s new on the Alewife?

Green railings fill the gap at the top of the ramp. View is north towards Henderson Street.

Now that construction is nearly done on the Alewife path near my house, spotting changes is like one of those puzzles showing two apparently identical drawings. Only in the second one, there are three apple seeds, not two; the flag is Italian, not French, and George Washington is facing the wrong way on the quarter.

And, I haven’t been paying attention. So I can’t tell you when we got the new railing that plugs the gap at the junction of the Alewife path and Henderson Street.

The new railing (right) matches perfectly that along the bridge (left). View is southeast from the Henderson St. Bridge.

This “before” photo, showing the edge of the bridge, dates from August of 2011

The railing is metal, green, and matches that along the bridge so perfectly that I needed to inspect closely to see whether the bridge railing was new or had just gotten some fresh paint.

(Which is it? The new railing is bolted into its concrete base using large hexagonal nuts. The nuts for the older work are square. Paint it was.)

Nothing new this week on the stretch of path between the bridge and Broadway.

These trivial observations are part of a series about the Alewife path near my house: next, first, most recent previous, all. Yet this is still a blog about Mass. Ave.

The new railings flank the path entrance, south from Henderson St.


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