Perhaps 80 view and comment on Mass. Ave. plans April 4

No microphones, no testimony, and very little shouting were in evidence at the open house to present the latest plans for Mass. Ave., held at the Hardy School on the night of April 4.

A lively crowd at the open house.

This was not a hearing but an open house, drawings and photos spread on on tables and folks from the town available to answer questions. Participants were encouraged to write comments on little yellow cards but it is unclear how those comments will weigh on the result.

It’s challenging to write a complete account of an unstructured event like this, so maybe it’s just as well I was too under the weather to try.

Town DPW Director Mike Rademacher takes questions at the open house.

I did take some photos, and there is coverage both at and the Arlington Advocate.

The open house ran from 6 to 8.

Perhaps 40 or 50 people were present when I arrived at about 6:30, and during the hour I spent there people came and went.

I’m guessing perhaps 80 folks from the neighborhood plus staff and volunteers from the Town, but I could well be wrong.

Many of the people responsible for the recent design changes were present and from them I was able to learn a bit about how these changes came about.

Arlington Communities and Development Director Carol Kowalski holds a sheaf of papers while hearing comments at the open house.

If you didn’t know who to talk to, though, it was luck of the draw. (For my part, the format did not lend itself to getting complete answers, though I am grateful for the candor of those with whom I spoke.)

Ironically this event was supposed to be a showcase of the landscaping designs, now upstaged by these developments.

I was told I missed a lively moment or two but by the time I was there the tone was courteous and busy, many heads bent over tables bearing drawings.

Update: Note the story in the Arlington Advocate has been revised.


2 comments so far

  1. bobsprague1943 on

    I was there from 5:50 to about 7:30 p.m. I saw no more than 50 people at any one time. I did a count at one point. It *is* hard to know how many came and went. I believe 80 is overly generous.

    Bob Sprague

    • Adam Auster on

      Very likely, Bob. But I also think that 50 people, your estimate at yourarlington, is probably too stingy.

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