Greenway-meets-Minuteman report

Word on the Street’s far-flung foreign bureau has checked in with photos of the boardwalk being built that will connect the Greenway path along the Alewife Brook to the Minuteman Path.

The view south. Douglas Davidoff photo.

“Foreign bureau” means, in this case, “south of Mass. Ave.” Thanks to Doug Davidoff for the photo; he has are a few more here and here.

Sooner or later we will walk back north to the official subject of this blog. Until then here’s the previous Alewife post, the very first one, and all together.

Update: This post has inspired more photos (see the comments), this time of the path north of Broadway. (The next in this series.)

Further Update: Down in the comments, another reader has posted a link to the below photo showing work viewed from the Minuteman Path on December 16. Note the man in the hip waders at upper right, and thanks to dr2chase.

The final link on the Alewife Greenway inches towards the Minutman Path on December 16, as seen from the Minuteman. dr2chase photo.

Keep those cards and letters coming! This crowdsourcing is great.


9 comments so far

  1. dr2chase on

    That’s really impressive, and kinda pretty, Any idea how much 100 yards of boardwalk costs, compared to bicycle pavement or motor vehicle pavement? One of the proposed routes for extending the MCRT through Belmont involves some boardwalk through a damp place.

  2. Stephanie on

    Hi, Adam,

    I have been walking the section of the path from Broadway to the Mystic River for a few weeks now!! It is really nice, much of it meandering boardwalk, very interesting natural and “unnatural” public art along the way. And most exciting, the boardwalk from Broadway that slopes down to the path is complete. I have photos for you. How do I upload?

    • Adam Auster on

      Stephanie, thanks for the photos! And the news that the path is open from Broadway.

      I have turned all that into another blog post.

  3. dr2chase on
    • Adam Auster on

      Nice photo, DR! When did you take it?

      I see the man in the photo has bib-overall waders. He may be the same guy I say yesterday morning as I walked to the Alewife T.

      He was standing in in a foot or two of water bent over one of those metal support struts.

      • dr2chase on

        I took that Friday.

        • Adam Auster on

          Thanks DR, have added your photo to the post–hope you do not mind.

  4. Paul Schlichtman on

    We walked on this part of the trail this afternoon. We started our walk at Mystic Valley Parkway and followed the entire Greenway to the junction with the Minuteman Path. It’s obvious the work is not yet complete, but it is a wonderful asset for Arlington.

    • Adam Auster on

      So did I! It’s been walkable for some time, boardwalks all finished, though there is still plenty undone.

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