Patch of sidewalk

The Town replaced some 14 squares of sidewalk by the Arlington Diner last week, fixing a longstanding problem:

At the Arlington Diner: Before


This would not normally merit any ink here except that the entire sidewalk is scheduled for replacement during the impending reconstruction of Mass. Ave. As Arlington’s DPW Director, Mike Rademacher, recently told the Arlington Advocate,

We’re not investing a lot of money to repair that section of road, seeing as it’s going to be repaired in the near future completely with state and federal funds.

Of course, he also told the Advocate “If there are potholes that need to be fixed that are hazards, we would take care of that regardless of any project that has to be planned.”

This was not the worst stretch of sidewalk in East Arlington, but it was pretty ugly, and in an area that gets a lot of foot traffic. Indeed the question in doing a spot job like this would be where to stop.

New squares by the Arlington Diner, looking east.

For signs that the repair job is just a stopgap, look no further than the curb cut in the foreground of the photo above. It lacks one of the detectable warning tiles that the Town has been putting in new curb cuts lately, and is not ADA compliant (which will require changes in the granite curbing).

So, how long will this patch last? The Advocate now reports that construction won’t start until 2013. All the more reason to have fixed that lump and hole in the sidewalk in front of the Arlington Diner while we are waiting.


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